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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Technical Vocational Education and Training?
Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is that part of tertiary education and training which provides training in industry-specific and job related technical skill areas. It covers a large number of careers and industries like industrial trades, office work, retail, hospitality and technology. Individuals can also be trained in part qualifications or ‘skills sets’.
Why should I consider a technical or vocational career?
Can I articulate into further qualifications with a technical and vocational qualification?
What are the entry requirements for admission to courses offered?
How do I apply for admission to RVTC?
What makes RVTC a leading-edge training institution?
The course I am interested in is not offered at RVTC. What advice can you give me?

Financial Info

Trainee Fees
Information about fees, ad hoc fees, payments due dates, cancellation dates and policies etc.

Application fee: N$ 60.00
Registration fee: N$750.00
Tuition fee: N$1 900.00

Upon registration, trainees are expected to pay a certain amount based on the level.


Registration fee: to be updated
CBET per theory/general subject fee: to be updated
CBET for all practical’s (once off) fee: to be updated

NTTC per theory/general subject: to be updated
NTTC for all practical’s (once off): to be updated
Financial Support
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