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Being a staff member at RVTC is one exciting part in the world of work. The Liaison Officer had a discussion with Shadrick Ntema, the Procurement Officer at RVTC. Ntema who won the departmental top performer award in July 2022 is one of the humble man in RVTC who works with suppliers on daily basis.

Ntema described working at RVTC as a privilege and he appreciate that he is one of the workforce of the Centre. As a procurement officer, he works with every staff member when at the Centre. “I interact with various people not just at the Centre but suppliers as well. I learnt a lot of things and that is helping me to be who I am” says Ntema. RVTC’s most humble man also appreciate support from his supervisor and the entire management to make his work easier.

Work pressure can’t be ignored from his table but Ntema enjoys his work. Good communication with stakeholders are a key to his success on his work. “At times you get tough time with suppliers, we don’t receive quotations, payments not done but this are all challenges you get and you are to solve them” added Ntema. Touching on his departmental award winning the ever smiling man thanked all staff members as they contributed to this award. He continued saying everyone won and the award is for RVTC.

“RVTC is the place to be” concluded Ntema

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